crafts! that I don’t have time for!

October 30, 2010

I’m working hard on Kitty 10.  I might have a title for it.  I’m behind, as a result of spending like two of the last six months out of town.  So of course, I’m working on other projects that I have no time for!

It’s Halloween!  I’m making a costume!  The bodice is finished, zipper and everything.  It’s amazing how 10 years of SCA costuming made attaching a zipper absolutely cryptic.  I’ve also made the gun holster and hair piece.  I’ve got a few more embellishing bits to do, but I should be able to get it done by tonight.  I’m sure pictures will be happening.

I’m now spinning the wool/silk blend, which is sleek and sexy.

There’s now a website for All Hallow’s Read.  And I need to buy trick or treat candy.  Hrm.

Also this week I took a trip to the knitting/spinning/fiber store here in Boulder.  Many projects were planned.  I picked out the fiber for a huge shawl a friend of mine is going to weave for me.  It’s going to be beautiful. And…any guesses what I’m going to be making (or at least attempting) with this?



13 Responses to “crafts! that I don’t have time for!”

  1. Debbie W. Says:

    Something steampunk-ish?? Can’t wait to see whatever it is.

  2. Jakk Says:

    …making yourself irresistable to all cats and small dogs nearby? 😉

  3. Becca Says:

    Jayne hat? 🙂 My mom made me one for Christmas last year…. I love it!

  4. Pretty colors! I am making a shawl for my mother, crocheted necklaces for my aunt and friend. On second thought… I’ll just send it over and let you do it. 😉

  5. spacecadette Says:

    Clearly, a Jayne hat! (I’m sure the series will still be popular when you’re done.) 😉

    For Hallowe’en, I’m reading Discord’s Apple. So far, 1 1/2 chapters in, foreboding more than scary, I love it!

  6. LupLun Says:

    Autumn colors- a thanksgiving decoration, perhaps?

  7. Thomas Says:

    A Jayne hat? Which Jayne? The Man they call Jayne?

    Happy Halloween! Can’t wait to see pictures of your finished costume!

  8. Nonny Says:

    Jayne hat! Jayne hat! Will you be wearing your Jayne hat at Comic-Con? 😀

  9. carriev Says:

    Jayne hat FTW! I hadn’t planned on it, but I figured since I learned how to knit I might as well. Warning to the family: you know what your Christmas presents are, now…

  10. Nonny Says:

    Yay! LOL

    Comic-Con 2009 the best swag was the Jayne Hat on a Stick from California Browncoats. 😀

  11. Brian Hiebert Says:

    Dr. Who scarf?


  12. Andrea Says:

    I know I’m a month behind here, but I know you’ll remember that I’ve made that hat! And I think I used the exact same yarn. Tell me how it goes!

  13. carriev Says:

    Andrea, yours is still the best Jayne hat I’ve ever seen. It fit its intended wearer exactly. Mine turned out on the small side — which I see a lot of them do, so I think it may be the pattern that’s propagated. I’m trying again and adding a few stitches. 🙂

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