Mile Hi Con this weekend!

October 20, 2010

Mile Hi Con is in Denver this weekend!  I will be there!  I’ll be on panels and doing readings and signings, and yes, I’ll be doing the live version of the Midnight Hour once again.  (BTW, the program on the website is wrong — it’s at 9 pm on Friday, not 8 pm, because the mass autographing is at 8 pm, and I am not a clone to be in two places at once.)  This is also the con where “Networking with Authors in the Bar” is a programming item.  And yes, I’ll be there, too.

This is essentially my hometown con.  I’ve attended every year since 1998.  Whew!  I’m starting to feel like an old hand at this.


5 Responses to “Mile Hi Con this weekend!”

  1. Thomas Says:

    Have fun! Wish I could go but probably not this year. I’m looking forward to seeing pics and hearing how it is.

  2. Looks like we’ll be on the “Creativity Off the Page” panel together on Sunday, Carrie. It’s an honor (for me, that is.) I look forward to meeting you.

  3. Debbie W Says:

    Rats!!! I want to make it to Mile Hi Con sooo badly, but it just won’t be happening this year. I’ve got it on my calendar for next year. (Crosses fingers!)

  4. Rubymoon Says:

    Awesome- the Denver Zombie Crawl is this weekend, too! If the spouse is able to shake this cold bug, we’ll be there to come and represent a bit of your fanbase. If not, have an excellent Con. 🙂

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