fantasy movies + theme songs = ?

October 1, 2010

I had what I thought was a good idea until I actually went to execute it.  See, I have lots of soundtracks to fantasy movies, which often have a big anthem or really nice song in the closing credits or whatnot, and I was going to take all those songs and put them on a single playlist so I could listen to them all at once, because I like most of these songs and I thought it would be cool.

Then I realized how incredibly schlocky they would sound if I listened to them all at once.  It would be. . .gosh.  Well, let’s just try it:

Gah, okay, that’s quite enough of that. . .


11 Responses to “fantasy movies + theme songs = ?”

  1. Jakk Says:

    One of those songs is my favorite song of all time(Not going to tell which other than to say it was also used on the soundtrack to the movie Threesome). Each of these themes is worthy of a playlist together.

    Don’t worry about Schlocky. Who cares what others may think of it. YOU like it. Embrace it and enjoy it.

    Each one listed is pure brillance for me. Thanks for this playlist.

  2. E.A.V. Says:

    I like the last song. I watched the movie, but I wan’t paying much attention to the songs except that they went well with the story. The others have those tropes, those eighties signifiers, that I just can’t stand except in limited quantity.

  3. Vickie B Says:

    *grin* good in theory…do love the movies and clips.

  4. Val Says:

    Oh heck, I’d do it anyway.

  5. Alejandra Says:

    Yeah, just do it anyway! A while ago I had all my Bollywood soundtracks together, and put them on random. Quite a thrill! Then again, some might argue that I lead a boring life. But nonetheless…it’s nice to enjoy oneself. 😉

  6. wygit Says:

    I’ll have to look later… none of these show up on my iPad. Curse you Steve Jobs!

  7. carriev Says:

    I love all these songs. But all of them together make me feel like I’m in a room full of ceramic unicorns painted with rainbows, and it’s a little much…

  8. Thomas Says:

    I like most of the songs. My favorite by far is Can’t Take It In from Narnia. I think Narnia had a lot of songs that would fit into the really nice closing theme category. The movie just saved all of them for the closing credits.

    I really like As the World Falls Down and Journey’s End as well. The video for Journey’s End is kind of sad cause most of the scenes are from the end of Return of the King and has a lot of deaths and partings.

  9. Jakk Says:

    Carrie: I get it. You like the songs, but do NOT want to hear all five together.

    Fair enough, and way too easy to fix:

    Add more songs that can change the feel of the songs.

    Hmmm…songs from Fantasy movies. Sounds like a challenge. Will think of some.

  10. Jakk Says:

    And that did not go so well.

    Most fantasy movies have musical scores in the credits, not actual songs.

    The only one i could come up with is A Kind Of Magic, By Queen from Highlander.

  11. Chastidyi Says:

    I love them all! What wonderful taste in music and movies you have. 🙂

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