guess where #9

September 20, 2010

UPDATE:  Malibu, California, June 2004.

If all has gone according to plan, I should be home soon, and semi-regular blogging will resume.


6 Responses to “guess where #9”

  1. Zita Says:

    A beach? A surfing beach! In Hawaii?

  2. Doug Says:

    You can tell by the bird, and the cloths, and especially the color of the water and shape of the wave that this is at the beach in Kansas. Next to the Ocean.

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by torforgeauthors, Cassie. Cassie said: Every time she posts one of these, I get more jealous, haha. RT @torforgeauthors: Carrie Vaughn: guess where #9 […]

  4. Gillian Says:

    I’m tempted to say somewhere in Australia (probably Victoria) but I don’t think the sand is the right colour…

  5. Thomas Says:

    I’d guess Australia as well. I’d figure somewhere Northern Australia where it might be a little warmer. Isn’t it their late winter or fairly early spring though?

  6. carriev Says:

    This is Malibu, California. I didn’t really expect anyone to get that specific.

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