guess where #7

September 17, 2010

UPDATE:  The Casino at Monte Carlo, Monaco, November 2009.


9 Responses to “guess where #7”

  1. Mom Says:

    Casino in Monte Carlo.

  2. Tine Says:

    Monte Carlo

  3. Stephanie Says:

    at a Smart Car convention.

  4. Thomas Says:

    I kind of want to say Spain or France because of the buildings, but I don’t really have a good idea where this one is for.

  5. Max Says:

    I know where you were.
    Standing to my immediate right. 🙂

  6. My guess: Still in San Fran somewhere, but not sure of the exact location. Probably a museum or art gallery of some sort. Too many Smart Cars for Europe.

  7. carriev Says:

    Mom, Tine, and Max are right! It’s the casino at Monte Carlo, Monaco.

  8. carriev Says:

    Oh, and Cyberwolfe: in Monaco, Smart Cars seemed to be the cool trendy car, right along with the Ferraris.

  9. Huh. Who’d a thunk it.

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