worldcon schedule, plus guest blog links

August 25, 2010

Because all the cool kids are doing it… Here’s my Worldcon schedule!

Friday 11:00, Room 211:  “Unthinkable!  Indescribable!”  A panel on horror and the fantastic, I believe.

Friday 12:00, Room 211:  “Keeping Pace: Maintaining Momentum in Fiction.”

Sat 10:00, Room 201:  Kaffeeklatsche.  Sitting and talking and stuff.  I think there’s an early sign up for it.

Sat 1:00 pm, Room 201:  Signing.

Sat 4:00 pm, Room 213:  “Dark Shadows: YA Supernatural Fiction.”

Sun 2:oo pm, Room 204:  “But This is Real!”  Horror vs. real life.

Sun 4:00 pm, Room 207:  Reading

Mon 3:00 pm, Room 211:  “There can be only one: Is remaking classic sci-fi films a recipe for disaster?”  I may have a few opinions about this.

I may also be doing a signing at the Orbit/Gollancz table (they’re my UK publishers) at some point, and I’ll be at the Hugos, and out and about for other shindigs and wandering and stuff.

And some links:

The Page 69 test on Discord’s Apple

I gush about Steven Erikson on Writers Read


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  1. Mom Says:

    Don’t forget to eat once in a while!

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