scattered news and geek items

August 8, 2010

This is a link-happy post.

I have been remiss in mentioning that Discord’s Apple is available on unabridged audiobook.  I’m awfully pleased because they got two readers — a woman, Angela Dawe, for Evie’s chapters and a man, Luke Daniels, for Sinon’s chapters.  This is awesome.

Another point I should have added to my defense of TronThe soundtrack is amazing!

I just saw the second trailer for Tron: Legacy, and it about blew the top of my head off.

I have also finally seen the Thor trailer, and it pushes all my many Viking buttons.  Hmm, Vikings. I really love Vikings.  Saw The Thirteenth Warrior in theaters twice.

Also seen this weekend:  the super ultimate extended Watchmen, with added Black Freightery goodness.  Which, as one of my friends observed, was a tad reminiscent of Heavy Metal, which was oh so appropriate for a film trying to recreate the mid-80’s.  Loved the whole thing.


7 Responses to “scattered news and geek items”

  1. Mark Hibshman Says:

    Have you seen Pathfinder? Probably not as accurate or as “true” as the 13th warrior, but the geek in me loves it that Vikings fought Native Americans long before Columbus came around.

  2. SJBell Says:

    Okay, the trailer does look pretty cool. 3D, not so much. Call me the luddite, but that crap just gives me headaches.

    In the meantime, Scott Pilgrim this weekend. Who’s in?

  3. Re Williams Says:

    The mention of music in the last two posts reminded me of an interview I heard on the radio with a man who tells the Beowulf story, in original form. Here’s a video clip of him. It’s interesting but without subtitles I have to admit I lose interest after a while. (I think the DVD has subtitles)

    While I was searching to find the video I discovered that he also is in a band called Sequentia which has recorded a lot of medieval music. I may just have to buy the Hildegard von Bingen CDs ….

  4. Andrew Says:

    I liked The 13th Warrior, but the part that really struck me as really cool and stuck with me was the part where he is shown picking up the language.

  5. Awesome, I got Discord’s Apple from Audible (where I have a sub). Can’t wait!

  6. Ann Says:

    Oooh. The first Tron Legacy trailer suggested I should watch Tron again. The second trailer suggests that I immediately mark my calendar for the movie release. Visually stunning science fiction with possibly strong inter-character relationships? Yes, yes, please.

    Congratulations on the new audiobook.

  7. EA Solinas Says:

    Oooo, I wish more audiobooks would have a man and a woman. It just weirds me out when men pretend to be women in those audiobooks.

    I just finished “Discord’s Apple,” and I adored it.

    And 13th Warrior doesn’t get enough love. Not nearly enough.

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