music for Discord’s Apple

August 6, 2010

Discord’s Apple doesn’t have anything like a soundtrack, not like the Kitty books or Voices of Dragons do, but I do have an album that was incredibly inspirational and helped the idea of the book come to life:  American Angels, by Anonymous 4.

Anonymous 4 is an a cappella vocal quartet best known for medieval chant and polyphony — they sound like this:

For me they’re the soundtrack of everything that’s magical and exotic about medieval Europe, and I’ve loved them for years.  Then American Angels came out — the superb clarity in tone, the beautiful harmonies, the otherworldly music, but this time singing American folk and gospel music.  It was a revelation:  my own heritage, the same songs my southern and pioneer ancestors would have known, transformed into magical high art.  Click here for a sample of “Angel Band” to hear what I’m talking about.

The album came out around the time I was writing Discord’s Apple, and it fed right into the theme, and right into what had inspired the novel in the first place:  discovering a vast and amazing heritage in the most unlikely of places.


4 Responses to “music for Discord’s Apple”

  1. SilverRoseWolf Says:

    Reminds me of The Mediaeval Baebes, or traditional Gregorian chanting 🙂

    Oh, and having finally read “Kitty Goes to War” on Monday (really loved it!), I was so happy to see both Led Zeppelin and Fairport Convention on the playlist 🙂

  2. Cat Says:

    If’n you like this, I bet you will also like In Mulieribus, a local favorite of mine. Also, for just plain soaring magical sound, Stile Antico.

  3. Nonny Says:

    I love them! How did I miss American Angels? Their Angel Band is gorgeous!

  4. Debbie W. Says:

    Gosh, now I’m going to have to get some of their music & check out some of the other groups folks have mentioned in these comments. I *love* listening to this kind of music when I’m working & my collection of Gregorian chant CD’s needs a shot in the arm! Thanks to everyone for sharing these!

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