and so it begins

July 8, 2010

Reminder:  I’m signing at the Tattered Cover on Colfax tonight at 7:30.  First round begins!

And on Saturday I’ll be at the Rocky Mountain Romance Convention, signin’ books and stuff.

I’m very scattered at the moment.  Lots going on, the to do list keeps growing, and I start three weeks of travel next week.  First, I’ll be at Launch Pad, which will be my first crunchy science coursework since the geology field class I took in college.  Oughta be fun!  I then have one day for laundry and snuggling my dog before I head out on my first book tour.

That list of things I was supposed to do before leaving is getting to be daunting.

Here, have a song that will never appear on a Kitty playlist, in the category of Too Obvious.

8 Responses to “and so it begins”

  1. Jakk Says:

    Have you ever considered making this into a “contest”? Have readers send in “too obvious” songs for the Kitty Playlist?

    Only reason i ask is every once in awhile i hear a song, think of the Kitty playlists and say “WAY too obvious…”

  2. David Bowles Says:

    Umm yeah. Way too obvious indeed.

  3. Alan Kellogg Says:

    As obvious as “Bad Moon Risin'”?

  4. Thomas Says:

    I had an awesome time at your signing! Sorry I had such a huge stack for you to sign.

    All the Q&A was a lot of fun. I also really enjoyed the reading you did for us and sneak peak you gave us.

    Good luck on your signing! Stay safe and have fun! Hope to see you around!

    I’m sure you get through your last minute to do list before you leave.

  5. Debbie W. Says:

    I’m so jealous of the people who were at that reading!!! Of course, living in Texas makes it a bit hard to attend such functions … and I was busy reading Discord’s Apple! Sure wish there was a way the readings/Q&A sessions could be put online as I’ve really enjoyed listening to other interviews & podcasts you’ve done.

    But don’t even think about it now … you’ve got more important things to do to get ready for your trips. Launch Pad sounds fantastic! Have fun & be inspired!!!

  6. Elena. Says:

    Yeah, great. I cannot watch the clip in Germany. Will try to find another one since I can read in the preview what it is.

    Have fun at and good luck with your book tour. May you get more readers and fans through it.

  7. Carol J Says:

    WOW Carrie;
    First book of the Kitty Series i bought on thursday at the tattered cover bookstore, trust me i cant wait until i get the next one. I could not put the book down and have a few pages left to go. AWESOME AWESOME!!
    I had a wolf when i lived in the San Luis Valley a few years ago of course wolves are not allowed in Denver. Stripe as he was called was one of a liter of 9 the rest died at birth of Provo. Stripe’s mother was impreganted by the wolf from Dances with Two Wolves when my boyfriend lived in Tucson. I swear Stripe could talk. When he past away after nine years it left me devasted.

  8. Pam Says:

    Hi Carrie,
    Just wondering if you will be doing a book tour or appearance in Canada? Love your books.

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