Filling the Well

Kitty Goes to War


It’s the Kitty Goes to War official release day!

While I try to put at least a little bit of relevant social commentary in all the books, this one is probably the most relevant I’ve done — tens of thousands of soldiers are returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, and many of them aren’t having any easier time of it than Tyler, Walters, and Vanderman.  When I decided to write about werewolf soldiers, I knew I had to write about them coming home, rather than a perhaps more action-oriented storyline.  The werewolf metaphor is useful for many things, including this.

Some info, and not-so-light-reading:

Hidden Scars of Battle

The Wounded Warrior Project

Suicide rates among veterans are up

Intense combat tied to homicides by Fort Carson G.I.’s

Final Salute:  the Pulitzer Prize winning story on Marine casualty assistance calls — the officers who report to the family that their loved one isn’t coming home.  Warning — don’t read this until you’re home and safe with plenty of space and time to cry your eyes out.  (There’s a book as well.)

And now, an open discussion, if y’all want it.  I expect there will be spoilers in the comments, so be warned.