event is now live

June 28, 2010

The Bitten by Books event — and custom Kitty Playlist iPod shuffle giveaway contest — is now live.

Reports are pouring in that Kitty Goes to War is out and about.  B&N seems to have put them out over the weekend.  (Hmm, I sense a bookstore trip in my near future.  I always have to go see for myself.)  Tomorrow, I’ll put a spoiler thread up in honor of the official release date.  Meanwhile, check my events listing because I have lots of signings and appearances scheduled.

If you’d like a signed book but can’t get to any of the scheduled appearances, I recommend calling Ron and Nina at the Broadway Book Mall — they’ll be happy to take orders and ship a signed book or three to you.

5 Responses to “event is now live”

  1. Geoff Says:

    I’d go right now and get one if it weren’t for the fact that I had pre-ordered it and it will be arriving in the mail soon. (I just got an e-mail saying that it shipped today). It hope to get it very soon.

  2. Trai Says:

    My local B&N is being frustratingly stubborn about putting them out on the release date, I suppose! This is probably the first time I haven’t seen a Kitty book early.

  3. Markysan Says:

    Mine finally arrived in the mail, Kitty and Discord’s Apple. 🙂 Half-way through Kitty Goes To War now. Loving it!

    Wife wasn’t loving that I was reading instead of mowing grass but I was saved by a thunderstorm!

  4. Trai Says:

    Wow, you’re lucky you somehow got Discord’s Apple a week ahead of the release date; that’s strange! Mine’s on pre-order 🙂

  5. E.A.V. Says:

    I return to the U.S.A. to a very special treat. While I’m nursing my sore, swollen and tourist betrodden feet I can recuperate and have a holiday from a holiday while Kitty Goes to War!

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