on the radio, and bookwatch!

June 27, 2010

I’m getting many reports of Kitty Goes to War appearing in the wild.  It may be time for a bookstore trip!

Late Friday night (or early Saturday morning, depending how you look at it), I stopped by the late-night show at KGNU (Boulder’s local public/alternative radio station) and chatted about lots of different things for awhile.  And you can listen to it online!  Go here, and click on the “06-26 Sleepless Nights” link.  The talking starts at the 1:06 mark and goes on for half an hour or so.

Yesterday I went on my every-other-year Renaissance Festival trip and had a fantastic time, even with the spot of rain in the middle of it.  Awesome costumes, awesome shopping, too much food, hard cider on tap.  Woohoo!


2 Responses to “on the radio, and bookwatch!”

  1. Debbie W. Says:

    Kitty #8 was out in one of my B&N stores in the Dallas area on Friday, although I didn’t get my hands on it until Saturday afternoon. 😦

    As I’d expected, I read it straight through, mostly ‘cos I couldn’t put it down. CORRECTION: I did have to take a small break after a bout of laughter when I first heard the ring tone for Cormac’s phone! (My husband has that set as an alarm on his phone so I suppose he’s gonna wonder why I’m laughing when it goes off!!)

    This was as superb as the other Kitty stories & I was really touched by the introspection at the ending. I hope we see more of Tyler in the future.

    I heard your radio show, BTW … very interesting station. Thanks for keeping us in the loop about the interview.

    So when do we learn the title for Kitty #9?????

  2. spiderorchid Says:

    Great, that means it will probably be in the mail next week! I’m looking forward to “Kitty goes to War” after the last book felt a little like a filler between past and future major events (I liked “Kitty’s House of Horros”, but I got the feeling that it was more about preparing the ground for things to come…). It’s always nice to ‘hear’ more of Kitty! ^_^

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