May 3, 2010

I just got the news:  Discord’s Apple has a starred review in Publishers Weekly.  (“Brilliantly structured, beautifully written.” !!!!!!!!)  This’ll be my tenth published novel, and my first starred PW review.  This is a huge milestone.  I’m giddy. I need to go celebrate, even if it’s just dancing around to ELO for a few minutes.

In other news… there’s a lot of little news trickling in that I don’t have details for, like a slew of book signings in July, some extra conventions and so on.  So stay tuned, I’ll post when I get details.  Also, I booked my dive trip in Australia — three days on a boat on the outer reef, 11 dives, including 2 night dives.  I’m very, very excited.

For awhile now I’ve been grappling with feeling like I never get anything done.  It’s just hard sometimes seeing progress when I’m working on a book for months, when my to do list is filled with items that never seem to get completely done.  So for the last couple of days, at the end of the day, in an effort to stave off that feeling, I’ve been writing down what I did do.  Everything.  Like laundry, like finishing the skein of experimental yard I spun, cleaning the bathrooms, posting on blogs, responding to e-mail, taking a long walk with the dog, boxing up the CD’s I ripped to iTunes already, reconciling my checkbook, cooking a nice dinner, going to an SCA event, and so on.  That’s some of the stuff I did this weekend — very productive, really!  The problem is, I didn’t do very much writing.  (700 words and some outlining that needed to be done.)  And when I don’t write, it feels like I didn’t do anything.

I may keep up with this listing everything I did thing, because it seems to help me feel better.

15 Responses to “starred!”

  1. Casey Says:


    ’bout all that needs sayin’ there. 🙂

  2. Doruk Says:

    Yay you!

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by torforgeauthors, Cassie. Cassie said: "Brilliantly structured, beautifully written." Yay! RT @torforgeauthors: Carrie Vaughn: starred for DISCORD'S APPLE! […]

  4. For celebratory dancing, I recommend “Mr. Blue Sky.”

    Huge congrats to you! Really looking forward to Discord’s Apple.

  5. Mom Says:

    Yea! I told you it was good!

    Good idea to make a list of what you did get done.

  6. carriev Says:

    Here’s a link that goes straight to the review:

  7. spiderorchid Says:


    And I second the idea with the ‘do-list’ – it’s great for self-esteem and motivation.

  8. Brian Hiebert Says:


    Congrats on the starred review! I remember reading the first chapter, I think, and was ready to read the rest, now I get to! Hooray! Good news.


  9. Jim Van Pelt Says:

    Congrats on the review, Carrie. That’s way cool.

  10. Jakk Says:

    Congrats! Just in time for my vacation. I have something to look forward to read during summertime.

  11. Erin Hoffman Says:

    Congratulations, Carrie! Curious about this and VoD!

  12. Heather from AZ Says:

    I just wanted to ask where you got the name for this book. There is a cartoon on Cartoon Network called The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy and they have a Chaos Goddess in the show who’s power stems from the “Apple of Discord” Which is infact a golden apple. So natrually when I saw your cover and name for your novel I giggled. Though you might get a kick out of it too. here a link

    And one cute song from the show.


  13. carriev Says:

    Well, it’s way older than “The Grim Adventures.” It’s a big item in Greek mythology. Short version:

    The goddess Discord was not invited to the wedding of Thetis and Peleus, because who wants Discord at a wedding? So to cause trouble, Discord tossed a golden apple into the banquet inscribed with the words “For the Fairest.” The goddesses Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite started fighting over it. They conned a mortal, Paris, into judging which of them was the fairest, and since they’re all conniving, they bribed him: Hera with power, Athena with riches, and Aphrodite with the most beautiful woman in the world. Paris picked her, and got to kidnap Helen from her husband, the Greek Menelaus. He got so pissed off he got all his Greek buddies together, chased Paris to Troy, and started the Trojan war. Ta da!

  14. Heather from AZ Says:

    I did not want to imply that you had gotten the idea of it from Grim Adventures just that it was something you might find interesting. I wasn’t sure you had heard of the show and thought you would get a kick out if it. =) Thank you for the story though, it was a nice refresher.

  15. carriev Says:

    I know — I was just pointing out that both ideas came from the same place.

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