Voices of Dragons theme songs

April 24, 2010

I think I’ve mentioned before that I pretty much always listen to music when I write.  I need something in the background to distract my list-making brain, and help shut off my internal editor.  But I don’t make up playlists for all my books — just the Kitty books.  Instead, for the other books I tend to pick out one or two songs that represent the mood or spirit of the book, and that becomes its “theme song.”

Voices of Dragons has a couple of theme songs.

Loreena McKinnitt’s “The Old Ways” is perfect in so many ways.  It’s about standing in between worlds, and the music makes me think of flying.  It’s powerful, full of drums, sadness, and the beating of wings.

And Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir,” which also makes me think of flying, but also magic, battles, and danger.

Actually, that’s a pretty cool pair of songs when you put them together.  Those unexpected juxtapositions happen when I do the Kitty playlists, too.  (Like discovering that Supertramp’s “It’s Raining Again” is really a variation of “Sheep May Safely Graze.”)


6 Responses to “Voices of Dragons theme songs”

  1. David Bowles Says:

    That’s really cool! I listen to music when I study my chemistry. I’m not sure what Muse, Metallica, and Iron Maiden have to do with chemistry, but I’ve been on the dean’s list for three years now, so it must not hurt!

  2. Karen Says:

    Great musical choices. Diverse — but strangely compatible.
    I was unfamiliar with Loreena McKinnitt — but will now go search out her music.
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Devin Says:

    Loreena McKinnitt’s “The Old Ways” is perfect, it seems so deep and so perfect for Kay and Artegal, it seems like it represents their struggle for others to understand their freindship.

  4. […] Discord’s Apple doesn’t have anything like a soundtrack, not like the Kitty books or Voices of Dragons do, but I do have an album that was incredibly inspirational and helped the idea of the book come […]

  5. Julia Johnson Says:

    Wow, what a pure voice Loreena has! Love this music! Will have to check out everything she has available. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Jaimee Says:

    Hi I just wanted to day I just finished voices of and I dragons absolutely lived it I could not put it down and when I found your post that said you were planning to make a sequal I got really excited, but it now the beginning of 2013 and I was just wondering if you were still planning on writing it.

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