songs that will never be on a kitty playlist #2

April 12, 2010

Here’s the link, since I can’t get this one to embed.

Now, once you’ve watched this, you’ll probably be asking yourself, Why is this even a question?  Why would it ever even occur to me to put this on a Kitty playlist?  Well, it’s because I own the album.  And I can still sing most of the songs.

Like this one.  I love this one.

I also still have the album for this show.  None of those songs will likely end up on a Kitty playlist, either.  But you can’t tell me that this one isn’t totally full of awesome.

6 Responses to “songs that will never be on a kitty playlist #2”

  1. carriev Says:

    And I did put a Muppets song on the fifth playlist. So, there’s precedent.

  2. SilverRoseWolf Says:

    I’ve always had a liking for this one:

  3. Helen Says:

    Hey Carrie, why don’t you start a kitty station on

  4. spiderorchid Says:

    Now you’ve done it – I feel so nostalgic… ^_^

    Actually, I still watch The Muppet Show (“Being Green” , anyone?), so I can really sympathize. They had some great performances on that show.

  5. Jakk Says:

    Sometimes i worry about you Carrie.
    Then again, i own both albums too so i am worried about me as well. =P

    PS: Loved Kitty Learns the Ropes. Can not wait until the new novel.

  6. smsand Says:

    I grew up on Fraggle Rock. It warped my fragile little mind….

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