FAQ: When will there be a sequel to Voices of Dragons?

March 31, 2010

UPDATE:  BOOM! It’s here. REFUGE OF DRAGONS is a book. Sorry it took so long!

It’s awfully gratifying that I’ve already had a bunch of people ask me this.  It means I must have done something right with the book.  (“They like me, they really like me!”)

The answer, as usual, is complicated.  I have the sequel lodged firmly in mind.  But it isn’t written yet. (Because I wrote my YA pirate book, Steel, first.  Because that’s the one my brain wanted to write.  So I did.)  I have another Kitty book to write before I’ll have a chance to get to the Voices of Dragons sequel.  But I am thinking of it.  I just don’t know when I’ll get to it.

It’s kind of a nice problem, having too many books I want to write.

44 Responses to “FAQ: When will there be a sequel to Voices of Dragons?”

  1. ErikK Says:

    Hey, I just wanted to pop in and say that I got the chance to read Dragons this last weekend. Well, more specifically, your book cost me a night of sleep because I was up reading it in one sitting. That’s a Win book in my mind.

    It was excellent. The ending was satisfying, even though it wasn’t traditional, which means I won’t lay awake at night cursing your name while I wait for the second book. Which is also another mark of a Win book.

    Anywho, just wanted to let you know that the book was awesome. Humn… I also read the lastest Kitty book that weekend as well… It was just a Vaughn weekend, I guess.

  2. E.A.V. Says:

    I found Voices of Dragons to be delightful, especially the descriptions of rock-climbing and dragon flying, neither of which I’ve ever experienced. I enjoyed all of your characters in this book. I feel that it must be your style to give exceptional thought and development to your secondary characters, even though they have so little page time. I love, love, love your character development!

    ! !

    I anticipate the sequel to the Voices of Dragons (and the two books that come before it!) with giddiness.

  3. CandaceB Says:

    Even though I will have to be patient, I am so glad to hear that you have a sequel in mind. 😉

    I read it in one sitting as well. I absolutely loved it! 🙂

  4. Jenn Says:

    “It’s kind of a nice problem, having too many books I want to write.”

    Definitely a nice problem. And at least you’ll have some amount of variety to help you through tricky patches.

  5. […] Carrie Vaughn has assured us that there will be a sequel to her YA novel, Voices of Dragons; however, it’s not written yet so don’t expect it any time soon. […]

  6. Jakk Says:

    I bought,read, and enjoyed VoD. Fun read, with a few nitpicks and thoughts in my head(Don’t cell phones HAVE gps tracking systems in them, ones that military/federal agencies could use to track? That was the one that first occured to me.) but overall enjoyable.

    That said, i would love to see a sequel. I just feel that there was too much left open and unawnsered to just let it stop there. Please consider this as a request.

    And above all else, thank you for writing for us.

  7. Trai Says:

    Whoo! Can’t wait. I loved the book and gave it a review on my blog (hunt down a bit through the posts if you want to read it :D).

  8. Sim Says:

    woot! Looking forward to it!

  9. moishemoose Says:

    Wow! I finished Voices of Dragons in the wee hours of the morning. I hope you do find the time to write a sequel as I want to go back into that world!

    I am sooo jealous of your writing talents! However, having friends who are authors & knowing all the stuff that goes into writing a story, I relish that I can just immerse myself into a book & enjoy the wonderful adventure of reading it for the first time without knowing where the road will take me! I’ve not yet been disappointed by any of your works & I doubt that I ever will be. Thank you for sharing your wonderful stories!! Yes, we really DO like you!!!!!

  10. Oh good. I was about to email you and ask you that very question, but then I vaguely remembered you posting something, so I checked here first.

    I’m glad there’s a sequel coming. It was a good read!

  11. I just finished VoD and I logged on immediately to make sure there would be a sequel, you can’t leave me hanging like that! There is so much yet to happen! I lost some sleep because of this book (and slacked at work too, shhhh) to get this read in like 12 hours. It was awesome and I can’t wait for the sequel! Please don’t make us wait too long!

  12. hannah Says:


  13. hannah Says:

    when is the next book coming out? like about what date, or month?

  14. Leah, Dragon Singer Says:

    This book was amazing! Please, please, please, please, PLEASE, don’t forget to write a sequel! It’s 1:30 am, and I just finished VoD (couldn’t put it down for a second!!) I wept with joy/relief/awe/somethinglikethat as I read the last paragraph. There has GOT to be more to this alternate now.

    (You know, I kinda almost wouldn’t mind a WW3, if there would be an awakening of Dragons at the end of it!)

  15. MelssaBellum Says:

    i just wanna know if there’s any progress on the sequel yet……………just wondering

  16. FlyFreeSkyline Says:

    I absolutely love Voices of Dragons!! I’m 15 and studying in Sweden at the moment, but I brought your book along with me because it was the newest one I had bought, just on a whim. I practically devoured this book in a short time because I read it nonstop, and I’m reading it for the third time because I can’t get enough of it. The ending made me blink and think “woah… WHAT? Now there must be a sequal, I want to know who these people are!” I have a few theories but I can’t wait until the possible sequal is out and I can find out for myself. As a writer myself, I really admire you for your talents. Extreme writer’s block is keeping me from working on the sequal to my first published book… hopefully you never have the same problem!

  17. Kimberly David Says:

    Love,Love,Love to read ALL Carrie Vaughn’s work…so when I started reading Voices of Dragons and was unable to put it down (literally-I read it cover to cover no break!!!) I was enchanted and swept away…I have always loved stories involving mythical creatures i.e. dragons and this one won me over hook line and sinker!! I CAN NOT WAIT for the sequel 😦 but I have to unfortunately!!! But I know it will be worth the wait!!!

  18. Skye Harding Says:

    G’day just finshed Voice of Dragons .Wow i love it its the best drangon book i have read sins Eragon. I chould not put it down. cant wait for the next book.
    😀 happy wrighting

  19. Lizzy Says:

    I absolutely LOVED Voices of Dragons. I read it in a day. I am super excited for the sequel!! Please hurry! haha. You are an amazing author! 🙂

  20. Nicholas Patapoff Says:

    Carrie Vaughn you would have to be my favorite book writer i have ever read…and i have read lots and lots of books and i mean i have at least more than two years worth of reading! and i dont reed the under 8th i read the teens and im only 12 so any way i love you book Voices of dragons! it would have to be the best book i ever read. honestly i cant describe on how much i enjoyed your book! i cant wait till your sequel and…one question ive been wondering
    do you make money on you books cause im kinda thinking of becoming a book writer and im in the middle of this book im making(and i dought its good enough but im trying) so i was just wondering! i love all your books and im a HUGE fan!!!!!!

  21. carriev Says:

    Thanks, Nicholas! Yes, I make my living writing books. But it took me about 12 years of working at it before I got to that point. Keep working at it, practicing, etc.

  22. Sara Shaut Says:

    Carrie Vaughn,
    I don’t know where to begin. Well, I found this book by chance in the bookstore as I was just looking around the teen section. Once I read the title I picked it up and read the back cover! (Mostly because of my recent love for dragons) I reluctantly put it back and continued to look at the other books but found nothing else interesting (since most of it was vampires). I grabbed my sister and showed her your book and she thought it look good too. Therefore, I eagerly bought it with not an once of regret. I read Voices of Dragons on and off for about a week anywhere and anytime I could. I greatly admired your characters and I agree with wanting to write so many books being a good thing! I have the same problem, sorta! You see I’m only 14 but a friend of mine and I came up with an idea a year ago to write a story. We started to plan it out and form as many of the characters as we can and even write a few ideas and bits to help forge it as soon as we could. Since then I have still worked on it and we decided to make this story into three books since we knew it was not simple at all! I have typed up a good chunk of rough draft for it and still planing ahead. All the main and secondary characters have been made but I easily get stuck! I started about four other stories on my own and another through email with a different friend. Do you have any good tips for creating a good story?! Anyways, I absolutely loved Voices of Dragons and am patiently waiting for it’s sequel! I expect it to be as adventurous and amazing as the first! Thank you for your time!

  23. sari Says:

    Hi Carrie,
    It’s now 23rd July 2011, and I was hoping you could post an update about the sequel to Voices of Dragons (I think the next kitty book laready came out).
    It was totally cool — for adults and young adults!

  24. Molly Says:

    Uh… hi ^^ I just wanted to say that I really love your Voices of Dragons book. I havent read any of your other ones… but now maybe i will :3 I didnt know you were thinking of making a sequel, and now I’m so excited for it 🙂 I guess in this case ignorance IS bliss… too late XD Anyway, just wanted to let you know 🙂

  25. Mimi Says:

    Two words: Freaking awesome. Or I could go for a blend: Fan-freaking-tastic. These words both describe Voices Of Dragons and the fact that you’re gonna write a sequel… I don’t know which makes me happier. Do you have a title in mind? Some kind of synopsis/blurb? At least that way I can dream. I like to think of life like songs. In this way, Love, Love, Love by Avalanche City would have to be my all time favourite to describe VoD. So write. Please. My survival probably relies on it.

  26. Andrew Vu Says:

    I have been reaading a lot of dragonlore lately, and just finished one series when i noticed your book in my “library”. I ordered it awhile back, and im glad to say that it did impress. Very traditional and great romance. I was listening to a king of end-of-the-world kind of music while i was reading your book at the traumatizing parts; and i just broke. It was the kind of book that warmed my heart, and shattered it at the same time. The ending was very inconclusive, which suggested that there was probably going to be a sequel, which I’m glad there is. Books like this is always going to be reread by people, for a wish of a better life.

    -Andrew Vu

  27. […] What I love most about this book, aside from its clean, smooth pace, is the level of realism. I can see this taking place in our world, even though this is technically an alternate history. Little details like how Kay was able to use her climbing gear to make a harness, how Kay had to LEARN to fly–it didn’t just happen easily–all of this made the world more and more believable. I felt the climax was a bit rushed, and the ending, while not a cliffhanger and not abrupt, leaves you wanting more (don’t worry, Vaughn is definitely planning a sequel. […]

  28. KENDRA WHITE Says:


  29. anastasia farrell Says:

    I loved voices of dragons, I wasnt even able to put it down. I stayed up all night untill i finished it. The way the books ending was, how it left me hanging, I hope she does write a sequel for voices of dragons.

  30. yoona4 Says:

    Hello! Just finished reading your book in one sitting. I immediately came on the internet to find out if there was a sequel. Saddened to hear that there isn’t one yet. Would you mind sharing what the status of this second book is? Is it in the works? When can we expect it?? I want to know what happens next!!!!!!!!

  31. Gary brooks Says:

    This book was great n I can’t wait for the next one. Good luck miss vaughn.

  32. Ashley Says:

    I love this book 😉 I can not wait to get my hands on the second!

  33. Bryan L Says:

    That was a amazing book.
    i really love it and yes, you did something right!

    I read Voices the last year. Dragons and all kind of that make me happy, because I’m writting a book about that right now. It’s totally different of course, and i want you to know you were/are a writer really good.
    I’m from colombia and the book’s tittle is “Drake Wolf Y La Llama Interna” inner flame in english.

  34. Honza the potato freak Says:

    I NEED THE SECOND BOOK!!!! PLEASE DO IT FIRST, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please tell me when it comes out, ok! BYeeee…… XD

  35. Honza the potato freak Says:

    When was this question asked, 2010? Well its 2013/2014, and….HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO WRITE ONE BOOK, 3 YEARS?!?!?! My point is do i have to get a new auther+series to like? Because i just finished the third book of an unfinished series (the magnifacent 12) like this series, so please hurry!

  36. Avidbookreader Says:

    Just finished your book and read through the comments. It’s just awe inspiring how hooked on your stories you have me (and everyone else on your books!) I like your word-choice, when I first picked this up in the library after my friend gushed about it, I was like… Finally! Something new and exciting! You don’t get a lot about dragons anymore sadly.. I fell in love with the main character, Kay, at first sight. She is so fearless and her curious nature really clicks with me. Most female main characters I read are wimpy, especially when a guy comes into the picture. That turns me off.. But Kay pulled through even after all of the terrible things! Even wanting to sacrifice herself for a race she doesn’t fully trust yet. To me, regardless of her realness, Kat is my hero and rolemodel. Although she is younger than me cause I’m eighteen Lol!

  37. carriev Says:

    Thank you for the comments!

  38. Melonie Says:

    Voices of Dragons has been one of my favorite books since it was first released! When I’m trying to find a new book to read, this story pops up in the back of my head. So, I was wondering, it’s been four years now…Is there going to be a book 2?…

  39. Genesis Marie Aponte Says:

    I just read the book. Loved it!!! I want to know more. What happens next. Does Kay really make the sacrifice? Do they finally get the peace they are fighting for? Kay and Jon MUST stay together and be happy. Have a family and dragons and humans together in peace. I just can’t wait! 😅😅😅

  40. carriev Says:

    I’m still working on it! But there has been some progress. More news when I have it.

  41. AlexB Says:

    AGGHHHH. I love this book and I am so excited for the sequel!!!!! Is there any news at all? Like, maybe a slight shimmer of the leprechauns gold at the end of the rainbow? Pleaseeee!!!!!!

  42. Victoria Says:

    Aún sigo esperando por esa secuela… desde que leí la novela pienso en ella algunas veces. Hay momentos desde la ultima vez en la que le escribí que vuelvo a releer Voices of Dragons… para luego entristecer porque aún no ha escrito una continuación.

    … A veces me da la sensación de que tiene miedo de que el segundo sea un fracaso… no lo será! Confié en si misma y ¡POR FAVOR! Escriba.

  43. Tyler Furber Says:

    I hope you do make a sequel to voices of dragons because I loved the ending of the book and would love to see what happens next

  44. carriev Says:

    Update: It’s written. It’s going through edits now. I hope to have a release date real soon.

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