spring has sprung!

March 22, 2010

I can tell that spring has sprung, because we got a foot of snow on Friday.  Fortunately, it all melted by Saturday afternoon, in time for my signing at Who Else Books, which went just fine.  Thanks to everyone who came for that!

More Voices of Dragons promo stuff is happening over the next week or so.  I’m doing an event at Bitten by Books later today.  RSVP here.  There will be a contest for a dragon-themed gift pack.  Woot!

What I’m working on now:  I’m actually making progress with my list of craft projects from last week.  The tapestries are done, the banner is half done, and I’m getting started on the spinning.  Pics later!  I’m making progress on Kitty 9 and a short story starring Rick.  I have the copyedits of Steel, my pirate YA book, to finish.  And I’m revising After the Golden Age, my superhero novel that I wrote a few years ago, but is finally in the queue to get published next year.  I’m very excited about the superhero novel.  I’d been jokingly threatening to describe it as “the chick-lit Watchmen.”  Just because that description cracks me up.  But really, after talking with a friend about it, we decided it’s much more accurate to say that it’s got the flavor of the golden age superhero comics but filtered through a Gen X sensibility.  That is, earnest and snarky all at the same time.

One Response to “spring has sprung!”

  1. moishemoose Says:

    That’s great news about a Rick short story. I think he’s a fascinating character & I really enjoyed “Conquistador de la Noche” so I hope it’s a *new* story.

    I RSVP’d on Facebook last week for the BBB event … just got an email telling me Voices of Dragons is shipping today from B&N.com (only because it was SOLD OUT at all the stores near me – WOOT!!!) … & now on my way over to Bitten By Books!

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