Kitty Goes to War

February 3, 2010

I have a new cover to show off:

Kitty #8 in all her glory.  I believe this one’s due out in August.

I’d like to note that Kitty Goes to War is being released by Tor Books, not Grand Central Publishing, as the previous books in the series have been.  When it came time to renew the contract, Grand Central and I couldn’t come to an agreement that we were both happy with.  So I moved.  As it happens, Tor is part of Macmillan, and thus part of the Amazon/Macmillan cage match I referred to earlier.  Great timing, eh?  So I am, as a matter of fact, intensely interested in how that works out.  For the whole sordid tale, I recommend John Scalzi’s multiple posts on the matter.

I’d also like to note that Craig White is still doing the cover art, which totally rocks.  I love the camo shirt.  So appropo.

And in other news, Bitten By Books is doing another poll, and Kitty’s just a few votes from first place!  Go!  Click!  Vote!

41 Responses to “Kitty Goes to War”

  1. ArcLight Says:

    Looks great. And close to my birthday, too. Present for me!

  2. Doruk Says:

    Fortunately I have a sci-fi/fantasy focused bookstore not too far from my home that carries your books so any problems with Amazon will hopefully not affect me.

  3. Elena. Says:

    I can’t wait. Good to hear that there won’t be a change in the covers design.

  4. Darkavich Says:

    Hey Carrie,
    I am looking forward to the new release. It’s unfortunate it’s being published by Macmillan. We have decided to boycott them until they lift their practice of price fixing. I am curious if your allowed to self-publish or if your contract restricts you from selling your own copies?


  5. carriev Says:

    Steve, from my perspective it’s actually Amazon doing the price fixing, and Amazon seeking a monopoly on e-books/e-readers.

    Publishers have always set prices on books — that’s why they’re printed on the covers. Retailers can chose to sell at a discount if they like (which Amazon does). Macmillan is trying to keep that model. (Basically. I’m really simplifying things here.) This argument has been hashed out multiple times in many other venues so I’d rather not do it here.

    I don’t self publish because I sell lots more copies and make lots more money through a publisher that has the distribution channels to get my books into nearly every store in the country. I would never be able to do that on my own.

  6. Monika Says:

    Wow, good job. They’ve kept the look, but it’s somehow more eyecatching.

    Will it come out in hardcover or in paperback?

  7. carriev Says:


  8. moishemoose Says:

    Releasing in August??? Amazon (hey, I’m just checking their site for the ISBN) shows a date of June 29, 2010. I’ll take an earlier release date any day … just hope all the dust has settled by then.

  9. carriev Says:

    Ooh, maybe it is June…or July… I’ll have to check!

  10. Meg Says:

    That is a sexy, sexy cover (and the first one that has Kitty dressed as I see her in my head). Also, no tramp stamps! I think I have a new desktop image. 😀

    Also, I just finished House of Horrors yesterday, and you made me cry at least twice. I loved it!

  11. Erik Says:

    Congratulations! 🙂

    Does this increase chances of getting a hardcover Kitty release down the road? (if I recall, Steven Brust started getting hardcover releases when he switched from Ace to Tor)

  12. You’re with Tor now, eh? Cool.

    Diggin’ the cammies. Congrats!

  13. Todd Says:

    Sweet cover! I still have the “Kitty Raises Hell” print I bought from Brian hanging proudly on the wall in my library. Might have to spring for this one as well.

    I buy all my books at Amazon, mainly because I’m a Prime member so I get free 2nd Day air shipping, and they usually get here the same day as the release. I don’t buy ebooks, so I could care less about the big fight there. But when Amazon starts getting snooty and wiping out every book from a publishing house, that’s more than a little annoying. Guess it’s time to start buying books at B&N again…

    Oh, and you are in first place at BBB by three votes at the moment. Go Kitty!

  14. natasha Says:

    do you know when Kitty Goes to War comes out??????

  15. Pat Mathews Says:

    I went to Bitten By Books and could not find one single place to vote. Clicking on the “Vote Here” only brought up a jpeg. I told them so in Comment #95 and entered my favorites: Kitty as #1 and Mercy Thompson as #2.

  16. Markysan Says:

    Voted! 28% of the vote … ahead by 10 votes as of 11:40 p.m. Looking forward to the new book!

  17. EmeraldWolfHeart Says:

    Just excited as always about anything new by you or any other of my fave authors. Love the cover, more wolves on the cover and of course sexy Kitty herself.

  18. Robert Z Says:

    I just voted and you were number one at 28%. I saw on that it says that Kitty Goes To War comes out on June 29th and it also gives a very nice plot outline. I can’t wait for it to come out.

  19. Bradford Says:

    If you follow Carrie’s link, under the Bitten By Books logo near the top, it says “Who let the dogs out. Favorite lupine shifter poll.” Click on that. Then the poll appears on the right hand side.

  20. My first book’s coming out on Tor next year, and I’m watching the whole Macmillan/Amazon fight as well. I think Amazon will cave by the time Kitty comes out (fingers crossed) and they’ll let the market decide the working price of eBooks. Looking forward to Kitty’s new adventures!

  21. Jamie Says:

    Wow, I love that cover. I think its my favorite so far. Kitty seems like it might actually be her, which has not always been the case. And the wolves look great. It’s weird, House of Horrors was my least favorite cover, and now this book is my favorite. I was worried that the cover’s would start to go downhill. Great news about signing with Tor, they have some of my favorite authors there(now + 1). As for the amazon thing, I agree amazon should not get involved in setting the price, but I think the publishers are crazy to try to sell at that price point. With no printing/material/shipping/storing costs, unless they are passing a humungous extra percentage to the author they are ripping us all off. Trying to keep their current model alive by messing up a new model is not the best plan.

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  23. Robert Says:

    Kitty is #1 but Merci does out snark her by a good margin 8)

    To bad about the Amazon fiasco I guess we will need to actually go to a book store for our books… *GASP*

  24. greytfriend Says:

    I already have the book in my calendar. Planning to buy from Fictionwise, as usual. I know they have other McMillian books so I hope it will be available. Otherwise I’ll have to track it down somewhere else. Don’t worry, I buy the books I want, not books that Amazon happens to sell. And I’ll never buy Amazon’s ebooks until they change their format.

  25. EmeraldWolfHeart Says:

    Sorry to comment again but oh my gosh I just read the description for Kitty Goes To War and it amazed me. When I was trying to figure out what a book titled Kitty Goes to War would be about, PTSD werewolves from the whole middle east conflict came to mind. So yay for awesome ideas like PTSD werewolves.

  26. Joe the trucker Says:

    I get hardbacks from Amazon because I have Prime but I grab paperbacks where I find them, usually B&N. Does this mean you will be on the signing tours? (Dallas?)

  27. Jenn Says:

    Cover looks good. I’m also excited by the lack of trampiness in either stamp or garb.

    It will be interesting to see how this all works out. I’m surprised you had difficulty with your contract, as I’d never heard of Grand Central until I started reading Kitty books, so I would think you topped their list of talent.

  28. carriev Says:

    Grand Central is the new name for Warner Books. So I’m actually kind of small potatoes when it comes to their books. (And they’re owned by Hachette, which also owns Little Brown, which publishes James Patterson and Stephenie Meyers…)

  29. Brandy P Says:

    So about that Macmillan/Amazon thing, I got this email from Books-a-Million today announcing “Books-a-Million proudly sells Macmillon books”! I guess BAM is taking advantage 😀

  30. Rubymoon Says:

    Well, I’ve followed the squabble between Amazon and Macmillon…and as both the hubby and myself are addicted to actual books- which are NOT privy to the Electronic Whims of the Corporate Overlord (and they make nice gifts, too)- we support our local booksellers. There’s something about the immediate gratification of taking books back home to immediately read that can’t be beat. We’ll keep an eye out for when the latest Kitty gem shows up on the shelves!

    This is the best cover, imho. The expression on the wolves’ faces are perfect!

  31. Markysan Says:

    The “armchair ecologist” in me likes the idea of e-books. The execution of e-books hasn’t thrilled. The devices are ridiculously expensive and the books, (as Jamie pointed out above) are priced too high.

    There is very little overhead involved in digital transfers. If the publisher is going to save on paper, ink, shipping costs, binding, etc. … then I expect to see more of that savings than they’re offering.

    From an ecological standpoint, are they really that great? The devices need charged (or batteries) they use up electricity for that. If they break or wear out you need to recycle them. The digital rights management make the files limited to the device. If the device fails you could lose your entire library or have to re-download… all of it takes power.

    For a paper and ink book, all you need to read it is opposable thumbs and light… which you can get for free in the day time. Barring a flood or fire, you can store it on the shelf and not worry about losing it because of a power surge (unless said surge causes a fire, natch!)

    They can duke it out if they like… the last time I checked (which I admit was long ago) that market wasn’t thriving anyway.

  32. Jenn Says:

    “Grand Central is the new name for Warner Books. So I’m actually kind of small potatoes when it comes to their books. (And they’re owned by Hachette, which also owns Little Brown, which publishes James Patterson and Stephenie Meyers…)”

    Ah. Yes, Warner is definitely a big name.

    I figured it was an imprint owned by some bigger publisher. That seems to be how it all works. My logic was that if you’re going to bother with creating a new imprint, you want people to recognize it. Tor, for example, is associated with fantasy, so you get people who will go look at its up-coming releases to see what the newest book will be because they’re looking for fantasy. Grand Central hasn’t established name recognition yet. For me it was “publisher of Kitty books.”

  33. carriev Says:

    When Time Warner ubercorp sold the book division, they required that the books no longer use the name “Warner.” Ergo, new name. Huge corporate challenge.

  34. Trai Says:

    Carrie, this cover is GORGEOUS! Sad to see you’re switching publishers, but happy to hear this one’s out in August! Can’t wait 🙂

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  37. MagickalJess Says:

    I’m SOOO excited about this newest Kitty Book!!! I love the series its on my Must Read List, one of the books I Always purchase the day of its release! I Cant wait!

  38. MagickalJess Says:

    Can We/When can we expect the first chapter to be released as a tease? 😀

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  40. […] Carrie just posted the new Kitty (#8) cover, Kitty Goes to War due out in August. […]

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