just a few notes

October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I’ve added another signing, this one in Colorado Springs at Beth Anne’s Book Corner.  January 30 at 1 pm.

The Odyssey Writing Workshop (which I attended in 1998 and taught at this year), is starting to offer online classes.  If you can’t take off six weeks in the summer, this may be just the thing.

Boy, did we have snow this week!  Twenty inches here in Boulder, over Wednesday and Thursday.  Big, wet, thick, fluffy snow.  Of course, this being Colorado, it’s now 50 degrees out and the snow’s all gone.

I think I’ve finished draft zero of Kitty 8.  Now, onto revisions.  Lots and lots of revisions.

One Response to “just a few notes”

  1. ArcLight Says:

    …sigh… We never get much snow here and the last few years we’ve gotten even less. I think we barely even had an ice problem last year. Global warming sux.

    Meanwhile, Happy Halloween!!!

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