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September 25, 2009

It just so happened that while I was waiting for FlashForward to start, I had out my big book of mythology and was reading about Ragnarok, the battle marking the apocalypse in Norse mythology.  Then came the first 15 minutes of FlashForward, which just destroyed me.  A lot of stories end with apocalypse.  A lot of stories take place well after the apocalypse.  Not too many start with it and show it to you in fairly horrific detail.  I talk about wanting to feel like I’m there when I’m in a story.  Yeah.  Check.

It’s the first episode, so we get a lot of characters and a lot of introduction.  A lot of info dumping.  But I never felt like the hand of the author was imposing.  Everyone passed out at the same time and saw a vision of their future, the same day six months ahead.  What the characters did was show us a range of possibilities:  the ones who want their futures to happen, the ones who don’t.  The ones who were saved by the moment of apocalypse, the ones who feel that they’re going to be destroyed by it.  The various reactions all came from the characters and were believable.  The one-hour episode did what science fiction is supposed to do:  set up a totally speculative, unreal situation, and ask, What happens next?  Then answers that questions truthfully.

So, I liked it.  I am cautiously optimistic.  I’m interested to see how they’re going to pull this off.

And the whole time I kept asking, Who is that guy playing Mark?  Where have I seen him before?  I had to look it up:  Joseph Fiennes.  Totally didn’t recognize him without the accent.  Oh, and do check out the book where the whole idea came from, by Robert J. Sawyer.

Then came the preview for V.  OMG they remade V.  BWAAAAAAAAAH!  I love it.  I can’t wait.  Watch me geek out.  And is that Morena Baccarin playing Diana?  IMDB says yes!  Only her name is Anna now.  Hmmm…  Must ponder.  Will they give us hideous alien hybrid babies?  Oh, please say yes!

Oh, and I’ve finally watched a couple episodes of Warehouse 13, which I’ve heard mild raves about.  Apparently, the first episode I saw was the absolute worst episode there is (“OMG the prison is built on a quartz mine, do you know what that means?  Quartz causes hallucinations!  OMG!” and I’m thinking, Oh, please…), and everyone told me to watch another.  Because as an old-school X-Files fan I’m certainly not going to judge a show by its worst episode.  So I watched the last two episodes of the season.  Verdict?  Cute idea.  Cute stuff all around.  Always love the obscure allusions that fly by without explanation.  The stories?  Pretty much from the plot central casting.  I won’t be going out of my way to watch any more.

Anyone remember Friday the 13th the TV series from the late 80’s?  About the guy and the girl who ran an antiques store and were trying to get back all the cursed antiques that had been sold over the years?  Yeah.  Warehouse 13 is the science fiction version of that.

19 Responses to “TV reviews”

  1. Janice Says:

    You know how much I watch television – almost not at all. Yet I decided to give “FlashForward” a shot. I WAS GLUED to the couch. Your review of it is exactly the way I felt.

    And “V”? Oh, please don’t get me started. I still have my action figure from 1984. The alien with the removeable human mask that has a lizard head and a forked tongue. I cannot wait for it to return. I just hope they don’t muck it up. That would make me sad.

    I might be using the DVR a whole lot this season.

  2. Aaron Says:

    I think you mean Flashforward not Fastforward

  3. carriev Says:

    Fixed it, thx. I wrote the post very late last night…

  4. Jakk Says:

    My thoughts exactly about Warehouse 13, being the sci-fi version of Friday the 13th,the series(which i loved,btw). It is good, and it has improved from the pilot, but i do agree the writing needs more.

    V. I love V. I have both mini series and the tv show(i knew taping my shows in the 80s would pay off sooner or later…). Hope they do not ruin it, but from what i understand, it will not be heavy moral issues…pretty much good vs evil plotting. Hmm.

    Did not watch FlashForward. Just did not even interest me to try it.

  5. Beth Cooley Says:

    What’s your opinion on Fringe? Have you seen it?

  6. I enjoyed Flashforward. But I’m leery that it’ll go soap opera. I’m glad the guy’s an agent and is actually researching the event. That focus has the opportunity to fix a lot of wrong turns.

  7. Brandy P Says:

    I enjoyed it as well, my only thought is…what happens after April 29 passes?

  8. […] is the original: TV reviews « Filling the Well By admin | category: tv reviews | tags: apocalypse, battle, big-book, […]

  9. ArcLight Says:

    I’ve seen Warehouse 13 referred to as “Warehouse the 13th” online. Sure, it’s accurate but the cast is likable and it’s not like there was anything else on to watch. For a SyFy (grrr…still hate that) show it wasn’t bad.

  10. carriev Says:

    Fringe is another one people keep telling me to watch. I haven’t, yet.

  11. Jenn Says:

    Flashforward looks very good. I’m certainly going to stick around for more of it. Mostly I like the premise. There don’t seem to be as many sort of Greek tragedy “is everything fated or can you avoid the prophesy” kind of things that go into the individual experience rather than the saving the kingdom aspect at the moment. And I like that it’s not that everyone has a great destiny, but it’s still, of course, important to the individual.

  12. Sabrina Says:

    Oh yes, ArcLight, I completely agree. (I see Syfy, I think ‘suffy.’)

    I’ve been watching Warehouse 13. I like the steampunk touches with the gadgetry, although it took a few episodes to get used to that right up against the modern world. (Why do they need the Farnsworth, why wouldn’t a regular cellphone work, at least in most cases?)

    I was going to watch Flashforward, but this has been the week of new shows and season premieres. I may have to try and catch next week’s episode, though.

  13. Vickie B Says:

    Watching Dollhouse now. Tried to watch FlashForward, but Lady K and DH kept up a running chatter about tomorrow’s huntin’ trip. They were practicing elk bugeling….It’s a good thing I love them. Anyway, so couldn’t garner much from my viewing. I do hope it’s on and I’ll catch it Sunday maybe.
    I cn’t believe they are remaking ‘V’! That show is how I got my nickname back in the day. What a show memory.

  14. Randy M Says:

    Brandy P Says:

    September 25, 2009 at 11:44 am
    I enjoyed it as well, my only thought is…what happens after April 29 passes?

    …another FlashForward! This time farther out into the future. =)

  15. Many thanks for the kind words, Carrie! I can promise you that LOTS happens after April 29, 2010 (which happens to be my birthday …).

    Robert J. Sawyer, author of the FlashForward novel

  16. Adam. Says:

    Post April 29

    The Further Nice and Accurate Prophesies of Agnes Nutter (Witch)?

  17. Jacqie Says:

    I’m with ya on Warehouse 13. I had hoped for more, but just some pretty bells and whistles on a poorly plotted show (despite the likability of some of the characters).
    I’ve tried Fringe, but I think it’s got a lot of the same problems. Bad logic, bad science.

  18. MissPride Says:

    Thanks for the reminder. I had to watch it online but I really like it and cannot wait for the next episode!

  19. Supernatural and Fringe are the best tv series ever.

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