Kitty’s House of Horrors

July 30, 2009

The fact that I have this to post the same week as my big cover discussion is pure coincidence, I assure you.


(Actually, truthfully, thinking about covers reminded me to bug my publisher to see if this was ready yet, and low and behold, ta-da!)

35 Responses to “Kitty’s House of Horrors”

  1. Robert Says:

    I will be impatiently waiting on this to come out.

    So in this novel does kitty actually start wearing a bustier? =)

  2. I really like this cover. It fits in with the rest of the series very nicely.

  3. Kendall Says:

    I love the colors. Anyways, I can’t wait for this one to come out! XD

  4. Moishe Moose Says:

    I love the color, too, & agree the style of it fits with the rest of the series (whether she actually wears a bustier or not) enough that I could tell at a glance it was part of your series.

    True, they do tend to resemble other UF covers that may or may not have a strong romance feel to them, but the fact that this cover does NOT have a partially-clad male figure is consistent with your previous covers & hints this may be more than a basic paranormal romance.

    All in all … I can’t wait!!! (But I guess I’ll have to since my Tardis is still in the repair shop … drats.)

  5. Chadwick Says:

    It looks great Carrie. It’s probably my favourite cover for the series since Kitty & the Silver Bullet. Can’t wait to read it!

  6. Jenn Says:

    “So in this novel does kitty actually start wearing a bustier? =)”

    LOL, just what I was thinking at this point. That and just once I’d like to see someone complain about lack of flexibility due to clothing. The only person that couldn’t apply to is Brenda who can run over gravel in 4 inch heels.

    My only other (completely subjective) thought is I really like the particular color this time.

  7. I am loving this cover. There’s just something about the purple and bustier combo that works so well. I’m almost willing to say this is probably my favorite Kitty cover yet.

  8. Jakk Says:

    Its..Magenta!!! 🙂

    Yah magenta!

    But i just can NOT see Kitty in a bustier. A corset maybe… (jk!).

  9. Markysan Says:

    I can’t tell what the belt buckle is…
    almost looks like a dragon. Are we cross promoting?
    (maybe its a bat…?)

  10. Gordon Says:

    It IS a corset, and unless she’s wearing one for a costume on Halloween, not really in character at all for Kitty. I am seeing where the previous discussion of covers may have been partly prompted by this cover art.

    Kinda missing the tramp stamps 😉

  11. Trai Says:

    And I thought Kitty Raises Hell was my favorite cover. Darn. It has been topped.

  12. Jakk Says:

    You are correct Gordon. Today i learned from the internet the difference between a corset and a bustier.

    And I still doubt Kitty really has tramp stamps. Until Carrie says so.

  13. carriev Says:

    Kitty has no tattoos. I’m planning on dealing with this directly in a future book.

  14. RKB Says:

    I’m honestly not down with the corset. It makes the model look “ugly” IMHO.

  15. Robert Z Says:

    Wow I love the colour. Each cover keeps getting better for me. What about the back cover or would that give to much of the book away?

  16. amanda Says:

    Cool! Love the colors 🙂 But, I do think the corset isn’t like Kitty…at least not that design. Still, it’s an awesome color. When do we get the bigger version? Normally I can click and it goes to the enlarged version.

    It’s looks better on my desktop wallpaper that way 🙂

  17. Nancy Says:

    Not too fond of the corset, but like the colors.

    Wish January was a little closer 🙂

  18. Kate Larking Says:

    Whoa, boobs. I always considered Kitty to have, err, a little less in that department.

  19. Gathers Scrolls Says:

    I like that plummy purple! The color would be great for Kitty, say a shirt, or dress, maybe?

    I *could* see Kitty getting a temporary air-brushed tramp-stamp as a gag joke . . . 😉

    Btw, I just looked at the cover for Kitty Raises Hell, and I realized that the chains kind of make the wolf look like it’s a giant animal-themed purse.

  20. Doruk Says:

    I can actually sort of see Kitty wearing a corset… But only if I really really force it.

  21. EmeraldWolfHeart Says:

    Hmm…well i like the cover just like a lot of the others said they did, purple just seems to go well especially since when i think of House of Horrors I think Halloween. Also like some of the other people said the corset isn’t really something that you’d think Kitty would wear normally but hey maybe she’s dressing up for some special reason and that would make sense. Anyways I’m super looking forward to the book when its released. Its the first new book I’ll be getting out of all the series I read.

  22. Brandy P Says:

    It’s beautimus

  23. Helen Says:

    January is soo far away !

    Carrie, can’t you write any faster ?

    I do like this cover as it fits nicely with the rest of the covers. But I’m thinking maybe its time we got a ‘Ben and the ….’ book so we can have a half naked sexy Ben on the cover…

  24. ArcLight Says:


    (whether that applies to the book, the cover or Kitty herself – I’ll leave that up to you)

  25. Cat Says:

    This cover makes me think that Kitty’s been hanging out with the vampires a little too much. I mean, the corset does wonders (okay, I’ve got a closet corset fetish, and they can make people look amazing) but it doesn’t seem to match the character much except when she’s being forced to dress up for something. (I’d love to see a rendering of her dressed up for that swank gallery party from Kitty Goes to Washington.)
    Stylistically, it matches up well with the other covers. My only worry is that I have the whole series in paperback, and I’m wondering when the publisher will pull the surprise hardcover switch on me. (Most of the series I start reading in paperback, stay in paperback for a while then suddenly the new one is out in hardcover and I just can’t wait for the paperback edition so my bookshelves, as I shelve by series, start looking odd.)

  26. Vickie B Says:

    Hellah cool cover!

  27. Thomas S. Says:

    One look and you know it’s Kitty!

  28. Sasha Says:

    I love it. Can’t wait for more Kitty. 🙂

  29. Alan Kellogg Says:

    Tattoos eh? Something tells me any tattoos Kitty gets are going to be more than just decoration.

    I recall a third party D&D supplement on tatoo magic, and a few stories using them as well. You should be able to find information on tattoos and scarification on the web, and in the library.

    And thinking about tattoos led to thinking about protective magic; which in turn led to thinking about tattooed children and…

    The boy couldn’t have been older than three. Shy, quiet, clinging. Healthy, well formed, with a mark on the back of his right hand that wouldn’t come off. A mark in the form of a daisy with white petals and a yellow center. A tattoo. On a child that young.

    Nurse Kingsfield was about ready to murder the parents.

  30. Heather from AZ Says:

    It’s not the corset making the model look strange, it’s the stance. I am an avid corset wearing gal, and it all depends how your poster and stance is. You could look like you are in authority or like a fumpy lacky. The Hue is pretty though.

  31. Helen Says:

    Really liking this cover I found on Amazon

  32. carriev Says:

    Yeah, that’s the British edition of Dead Man’s Hand. I’m so far behind…

  33. Craig White Says:

    Hi Carrie and fans,

    First of all I want to say thanks to Carrie and you guys for your kind compliments of my work. Secondly, I read the previous posts and found your comments enlightening and very intriguing. Here is my humble opinion on the subject:

    As an artist, I try my best to create cover art that is attractive, eye catching, different and faithful to the supplied artistic brief. I do spend a great deal of time and energy creating the artwork for a particular cover, sometimes creating several versions and many revisions before it even gets in front of an editor and author. I hope some editors and publishers and marketing departments read what Carrie’s fans wrote on the subject. I do think that a lot of cover art is created with the intention to get the attention of new readers and to stand out on the shelves. I have found that in my personal work, I like covers that are simplified and dramatic with a good sense of design, color and composition. Sometimes portraying scenes from the book is just not feasible for various reasons. My personal belief is that the art should represent the mood of the book and be as accurate to the characters as possible. Of course my opinion matters little on this subject, as I’m just a humble artist doing the best I can and trying to please many people, and I have no marketing background whatsoever. I believe that most publishers put a lot of faith (value) in their marketing people– I don’t always agree with their opinions, but they don’t pay me for that. If my work pleases the art director, publisher and editor, I’m thrilled. If it pleases the author and I find out about it, I’m elated. If it pleases the authors fans, that’s a huge bonus. Of course not everyone is going to like the covers I create… my hope is that more people like it than don’t 😉
    Best regards to you all,
    Craig White

  34. Ahh look at Ben he looks cute, in a “ferocious bite your head off” kind of way. I can hardly wait to read it. Are you going to visit the Seattle area anytime soon?

    Edward Tennyson

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