happy May Day!

May 1, 2009

I did an interview for my publisher on Blog Talk Radio a couple of months ago but just found the link for it.  So if you’ve ever wanted to hear what I sound like, get thee hence.  I think my favorite question was about having a female werewolf pack leader.  Apparently, this was really subversive, and I didn’t even know it until people starting telling me, “Yay, female pack leader!”  Apparently, the convention is that fictional werewolf packs are male dominated.  Which feeds right back into my rant about this genre not being as female empowering as people like to think it is.  It also reminds me of the time I explained to someone that my series was about a werewolf named Kitty.  He said, “But there’s no such thing as female werewolves.”  Here, I learned a new emoticon, let me try it out:      o_O


And this weekend, the first big summer movie:  HUGH JACKMAN, SHIRTLESS.  I mean, um….that Wolverine flick…

UPDATE:  This just breaking, George R. R. Martin’s annoucement that Wild Cards Vol. 1 is in plans for re-release, with new material, including a story by… ME!  Yes, I’ll be busy this summer…


10 Responses to “happy May Day!”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Hugh Jackman AND Taylor Kitsch, even better… I’m totally not a football fan but I’ve been addicted to Friday Night Lights for a couple years and Taylor’s part of the reason why.

  2. modchen Says:

    normally i look down my nose at slash, but the teaser jackman/schreiber fight scenes are already making me vaguely dizzy.

    re: females – one reason i loved the original Ginger Snaps so much.

  3. Brandy P Says:

    I just have to say that women who can kick your ass are awesome. Especially when it’s someone who doesn’t look like they could or would harm a fly…I don’t care if it’s TV, movies, books, or real life.

    We need more role models who are powerful females who can balance stereotypical roles of the male and still retain all the things that make us truly female.

    Hmm, that was kinda rambling, did that make sense?

    PS I love that emoticon…I call it the WTF eyes O.o
    Sadly I have cause to use it too often.

  4. Trai Says:

    Was that interview what you were doing at ComicCon back in February? I remember looking over and some guys were holding a laptop interviewing you.

  5. Good interview!

    And yeah, the Wolverine movie has me stoked. Big, longtime Wolverine fan.

  6. Jakk Says:

    The movie was ok. I liked it for the most part,and i am a long time Wolverine fan(30+ years). I think you will like it on the basis that Hugh was a lot more than shirtless in the movie. 😉

    You have a wonderful speaking voice. Have you considered reading your books for audio? Give me a chance to buy the books OVER again,on tape.

    And finally,the update. Like you,i am long time fan. I remember buying the first novel too many years back to remember,and falling in love with them. So hearing that they will be republished,with new stories is great news. The fact one of the stories is yours makes me do the Snoopy Dance. THANK you,to you and the rest of the Wild Cards Consortium, for decades of fun.

  7. Markysan Says:

    Congratulations, Carrie. Having material of yours in a re-release of the originals must have you pretty excited, huh?

    I’ve been thinking of checking the series out because of your involvement. Now it’s a given.

  8. Robert Z Says:

    I live an hour north of three mile island and it was so cool to see the end there. If you see the movie there is something at the end of the credits. My theatre that I work at has two prints and two different bounus scences at the end of the credits. I think I heard the interview (after I came back from Comic-Con) the weekend it came out and listened to it on my Ipod. I wish I knew about it ahead of time so I could have participated, but it was still a great interview. I love your voice and would buy an audio book spoken by you. More authors should read their own books because they wrote it and know how it should be read.

  9. Thought you had a great voice (Blog Radio) – lots better than the moderator.

    I’m always amused by the “alpha female” issue. In most groups, animal or human, the alpha female is the one who has the final word. The male does those macho things: hunting, fighting, protecting, mechanical, etc. while the female keeps track of the entire pack/tribe/social thing. But the alpha male says “Yes dear” just as quickly as anyone else (unless he wants to have a very uncomfortable life for awhile – or is to dumb to relate to anything).

    This is not to say that each gender can’t do what the other does – they can, and sometimes better.

    As a male, I agree with Brandy, above, on her comment for “balance”. Just figure – testosterone vs oxytocin & estrogen. We all have them, but in greatly differing amounts within our gender.

    Summary?: “Yes dear, I’ll take out the garbage – and I’ll deal with that marauding raccoon when I catch up with him. If you come out, stay behind me.”

  10. carriev Says:

    Thanks, everyone. Glad you like the interview. Yes, it’s the one I did while I was in NY for Comic Con.

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