FAQ: What’s sexier, vampires or werewolves?

April 7, 2009

I’m amazed at how often I get asked this question.  Recently, people have been trying to shake things up by asking things like, What’s sexier, incubus or zombies?  I’m like, Dude, do you even need to ask?  Incubus:  designed for hot sexy sex.  Zombie:  dead and rotting.  Geez!

Basically, what the vampire/werewolf question is really asking is, Necrophilia or bestiality?  Even though not very much shapeshifter fiction actually crosses that line.  Also, fictional vampires very rarely seem all that dead.  They all seem to breathe, bleed, and get it up like normal alive people, so it’s pretty easy to ignore that whole dead thing .

Has anyone noticed yet that the vampires in my books and stories don’t actually have sex?  Not that I’ve dealt with it all that much.  But it’s in the background.

So to answer the question seriously, I have to go with werewolves because they’re alive.  I also, as you might imagine, find them much more interesting than vampires.

37 Responses to “FAQ: What’s sexier, vampires or werewolves?”

  1. Jennwynn Says:

    I finally gave in and am reading Twilight, and I keep reacting viscerally every time she says something about taking his “cold hand” or meeting his “cold lips”… *shudder*

    Not really sure why it’s a turn-on. 😉

  2. gag01001 Says:

    Wow, I think that necrophilia/bestiality comment just got me over my paranormal romance kick. Good thing your books have more story than sex, otherwise I’d just be depressed.

  3. Adam. Says:

    No Dhampir then.

    Folklore about Vampireesque critters is quite widespread but the incubus connotations seem to be a Balkan thing.

    Everywhere else they just hop or rip faces off.

    Maybe it’s just another obsure backwoods mountain kink?

  4. Westly Says:

    It depends on your type of vampire.

    There’s some vampires who Can’t get it up (Anne Rice?) There’s vampires who function totally like normal humans, then there’s mine, who…have some annoying restrictions and annoying results (Bloodstains are HARD to get out of sheets!)

    I love werewolf/vampire rules, and how they vary by author. And love to talk about varying differences between groups!

  5. Kendall Says:

    Plus, a lot of vampires are really old, centuries old sometimes. The age differences are kind of gross if you really think about it. My book group teacher is sure that Edward (from Twilight) is a pedophile because of this.

  6. Todd Says:

    I find the living vampires from Kim Harrison’s Rachel Morgan series to be very fascinating(Ivy, Kisten, Skimmer)and probably the “sexiest” vamps in the UF genre that I’ve read so far. They are alive, with many vampire abilities and few of the drawbacks. It makes them a lot more interesting than a typical undead vamp.

    Her Weres are pretty cool as well!

  7. Trai Says:

    I was once sent an anti-Twilight (my friends are well aware of my hatred) bumper sticker on Facebook that had Edward and Bella and read, “A love story for pedophiles and necrophiliacs.”

    Well, it’s true!

    I think I’d go with werewolves. Vamps might have more sexual experience, given the centuries-old thing, but werewolves are more… in touch with reality.

  8. Geoff Says:

    I am glad that I am not the only one who thought of the necrophilia and beastiality thing.

  9. Robert Z Says:

    I think alot of people get confused by this question because Vampires are unnaturally sexy to lure their victims for feeding, bringing them over, etc. So because Vampires are unnaturally sexy alot people forget they are DEAD. Personally because like you said they are alive, I go with werewolves.

  10. […] Carrie Vaughn (whose books you really ought to read, by the way; she’s in the list of Recommended Writers over there on the right) takes on the love that launched a thousand books. […]

  11. Theresa B. Says:

    In Kitty’s world, of course it’s the werewolves, although Rick seems kinda hot. I’d be disappointed to learn he couldn’t actually do the deed. It always bothered me that Anne Rice’s vampires never consummated anything.
    BTW, Kitty & the Silver Bullet made it to the finals in that book spot central contest. She’s losing to Armed and Magical though, so everyone should get over there and VOTE for Kitty 🙂

  12. John Says:

    Vampires are romantic, enigmatic, that kind of sexy. As you say, werewolves are more about the wild, the untamed. So just totally different!

  13. Nonny Says:

    Definitely the werewolves. I’d be able to smell the vampires, too, and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t like it, and hey, just remembered that my maternal grandmother having been a Wolf, and me and several of my siblings having a Certain Physical Feature, werewolves might be part of our past anyway. LOL

  14. carriev Says:

    Traditional folkloric vampires aren’t that sexy. Seductive vampires are a 19th century gothic invention. There are other, icky vampire legends — nosferatu, bloated corpses dripping blood, etc. etc.

    But the other thing is people can really pick and choose what traits they want their vampires to have. It’s all “correct.”

    Yeah, I saw that Silver Bullet was in the finals but losing. So sad!

  15. Rodrivy Says:

    I have an eclectic nature and Curious and fascinated by simple things at times . I have brainstormed this topic with some of my good friends and I agree with Carrie ! Both Vamps and W-wolfs have considerable powers when it comes to attracting people they want ‘to bed’ …so to to any regular human wouldn’t both be as equally sexy ? Of course the books and movies and shows always give the vampires a sexier approach,but I feel that after reading Kitty The notch has been raised towards the Lycans side.

  16. EmeraldWolfHeart Says:

    Personally with me I think werewolves and vampires at least the ones that authors have beautified to some degree versus the ravenous killers that use to haunt people in their nightmares are equally appealing. I like that someone finally did bring up the beastiality versus necrophilia thing though because honestly I had never thought of it til I read one of Kitty’s rants regarding people wanting to become werewolves or date werewolves. Anyways although the question may be about necrophilia and beastiality when some people ask I think when it comes down to it anyone who would fall victim to a werewolf’s or vampire’s allure it isn’t about either. Honestly I don’t think people think much about a vampires deadness or a werewolves wolf side. A person most likely is falling for the idea of what either creature represents. For example some people like the idea of wolves, freedom, and general wildness while others like how many vampires especially ones authors create as older are wise in a way, have the scary but appealing feel to them, and often act sophisticated and put together. Really its just personal preference I suppose. *stares at everything written* Hmm..I just rambled on…darn me I should learn to keep things short and sweet.

  17. Patricia Mathews Says:

    Not about sex (this guy was a monk) but – one of Alfred the Great’s visiting scholars was named “Werwulf.” One DOES wonder what he did on the Full Moon!

  18. Doruk Says:

    I am Turkish and Turkish people are supposed to be descended from wolves (like how many other cultures around the world now? :P) so I would say werewolves as well. I can make an exception for Lara Raith from the Dresden Files.

  19. Nicholas Jackson Says:

    In Malaysian folklore there are stories about a type of female vampire called Penanggalan. Extremely gruesome, and not at all sexy. (Wikipedia has the very gory details.)

  20. Robert Says:

    Hi Carrie,
    I sent you an e-mail about a new TV show and a couple George R.R. Martin questions. I sent it through your website. The computer said do not try this!!! Did you receive the e-mail. Thanks Carrie all the best,

  21. danielspengies Says:

    You are right carrie. MORE books SHOULD cross that line. I say it’s time for necrophilia and bestiality to make a stand for their rights in modern fantasy literature.

    And there should be pictures included too. And diagrams with arrows and stuff.

  22. Markysan Says:

    Assuming one could get past the whole “dead thing”, imagine the difference in style between a werewolf lover and a vampire lover.

    Vampire… vast experience and patience, but with (presumed) simulated passion. May drink some (or all) of your blood during the deed.

    Werewolf… not so much in the experience or patience department but extreme passion and could take a bite out of you.

    Don’t get me started on Twilight. (full rant available at my MySpace blog) I never thought of the pedophile angle, but how an undead creature could have living reproductive cells is beyond me. I read the explanation given in the book and rejected it.

  23. Theresa B Says:

    OK, hmmm…objections to Twilight or any other book on those kind of technicalities sound a little like Trekkies arguing the nuances of what could and couldn’t have happened on Regulus Prime on Stardate 30005678. So what if vampires can reproduce in the created worlds of some authors? HELLO…we’re talking about vampires…imaginary creatures, remember? 🙂
    I’ll admit that Meyer’s vamps left me cold (Team Jacob all the way…the vamps were too perfect, too controlled) but some author’s vamps are so sexy. Charlaine Harris’ Eric is my favorite vamp character.
    In Kitty’s world, I find characters like Cormac or Rick more appealing on a baser level, but for me, the interest in these novels isn’t so much about the titilating parts, but more about Kitty’s strength, her growth and her relationship with Ben and the pack. If Vaughn started writing love scenes for Kitty like JR Ward does in her books, it would seem so out of place, out of character.

  24. Markysan Says:

    Point taken but… ouch!

  25. Theresa B. Says:

    Sorry, Markysan…no flaming intended.

  26. Nonny Says:

    D’oh! Got my grandmas mixed up. Paternal one was a Wolf. Maternal a Turk, and descended from Turks, so I got it on both sides of my family! LOL

  27. Chris Says:

    “A love story for pedophiles and necrophiliacs.”

    Ooohhhh…I am so using that. And so not scoring points with some women I know because of it but oh well, it’s funny.

  28. carriev Says:

    There are so many different vampire and werewolf stories out in the real world, I guess I wish more fiction versions would use those. I also think the sex in a lot of urban fantasy stories would be more interesting if they tackled some of these issues…

    I still haven’t read Twilight…

  29. Emerald WolfHeart put it best: you will find whatever you’re looking for to be sexier, despite the drawbacks.

    Like me; I find werewolves to be pretty cool (Dog Soldiers is a fantastic movie), and they are powerful, but they’re just big puppies to me. A even slavering killing machines aren’t hot. Just awesome.

    So, vampires are sexier because of the sophistication, and the hunting, and the cold calm that come with centuries of age. They have a power to submit to, to allow to claim one’s soul, and that makes them extremely sexy.

    But I can’t stand the “human” vampires, the ones who are all sad that they’re a vampire, and they want to be a human again, and boohoohoo their poor tortured existence. A vampire should be a predator, a monster, and should be at home with being so.

    And that’s my two cents.

  30. Markysan Says:

    Carrie, (and others)… apologize for the Twilight spoiler.

    Raven, a good point about what you’re looking for being the sexier. It’s like being partial to redheads over blondes… personal preference carries a lot of weight when deciding what is sexy.

  31. carriev Says:

    So I watched “Moonlight” for the first time last night. And I think I figured out something about vampire romance that I didn’t know. Everyone else probably knew this along time ago, but oh well — it’s the “I can change him, he’ll change his ways for me, I’m so special that he’ll overcome his killer instinct for me,” etc. Like the bad boy thing squared.

  32. Jenn Says:

    Definitely agree with you on incubus v. zombies. Incubus is certainly sexy. Zombies are necrophilia no matter how you cloak it.

    Vampires are definitely sexy in pop culture because of Dracula. I can remember reading the book in high school, long before I got into women’s studies, and seeing the count as liberating Mina and Lucy. I didn’t want the “Crew of Light” to win because they were so clearly repressive of the women. I felt angry when I finished the book.

    I think the werewolf thing is a bit more modern. Mostly it seems ironic as much of pop culture is trying to foist off an image of a waxed man as sexy (now that’s where I start being concerned about pedophilia), and werewolves have always, logically, been hairy. It’s like a refuge for those not into the latest trend in men’s beauty.

    I think one of the things LKH had going right in her series, until NIC, was the human/vampire/werewolf love triangle. It was intriguing because Jean-Claude and Richard both represented distinctly different things, either of which could be a good choice for Anita (life/death, energy/calm, earth/water, idealism/practicality, chaos/order). Sookie was somewhat like that in the beginning with Bill v. Sam in the first couple of books.

    A number of other books are driven by the demon lover v. the human lover: Phantom of the Opera, Dante Valentine series, Blood Books, Negotiator Trilogy. Maybe we just got bored with “Good guy v. Bad boy.” Things are never really that simple, and fantasies allow us to explore the attraction in more obvious terms. Though perhaps it comes down to “what happens when all the boys are bad in various ways?” And me, I’ll take a vampire practically every time.

  33. autumnwalls Says:

    I love werewolf and vimpires.They are very sexy.In dream about they.I watch lots of movies about t hey.

  34. autumnwalls Says:

    I love werewolf and vimpires too.They are sexy..

  35. Patrick Says:

    Thing is, in the original Dracula, he had a huge mustache. Like the original Vlad. Most girls who are obsessed with the popular image of Vampires wouldn’t find that sexy. Personally, I want to see a vampire who is UGLY for once.

    Werewolves, I just think are cool. I’m a dog person anyway.

    The problem is that all the supernatural creatures have been turned into sex objects. Let’s see some really ugly, drunken, fat vampires and werewolves in a barfight!

    At least no one wants to have sex with a zombie. Wait, no…the things in Twilight aren’t Vampires, they aren’t zombies…Aha! Human disco balls!

    If a vampire drank an alcoholic’s blood, would they get drunk?

    In a weird way, this reminds me of the Pirates vs. Ninjas debate, which a friend of mine recently solved.

    In any battle between Ninjas and Pirates, Vikings win.

  36. bob Says:

    whether one prefers a vamp to w wolf depends partly on knowing you’re dealing with one. A vamp wants my blood and will use her hottiness as as a lure- like ‘those deep-sea fish with their tentacle lights’, ergo a vamp in public is always ‘on’ re: Stella or Laura Wraith. Casual sex is readily offered, or at least implied. This would continue only as long as my hemoglobin or life energy lasted. Addiction maybe- relationship, never. What commonality could you have between someone who thinks the F-bomb-dropping comedy club king is funny and one who’s seen Will Rogers or Mark Twain?

  37. bob Says:

    Upon further reflection, I recall a co-worker Linda, who wore a vamp costume to the office Halloween party. OMG!! She could’ve advertised “will rip out throats: $50”, killed every man in the dept, and pocketed a lot of cash in the process. She looked askance @ my vamp hunter costume (or maybe it was the garlic string I wore), but laughed when I asked her how she liked her stakes- whittled by hand or turned on a lathe? Alas, she died a few years later- far too young- a victim of lupis, of all things. I prefer to remember her as ‘undead’ and forever young…

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