FAQ: Is there going to be a Kitty movie?

January 8, 2008



Maybe…someday… I don’t really get to make that decision, ultimately, unless I win the lottery and can form my own production company. Hollywood is a weird duck.


Oh, and please support the WGA strike. Thanks.






8 Responses to “FAQ: Is there going to be a Kitty movie?”

  1. Ace Says:

    Better yet, how about a series adapting the books? That way, they can spend the time developing the characters and not try to cram the entire story into 2 hours.

    I can see it now. Ali Larter as Kitty. Alan Tudyk as Ben O’Farrell. Nathan Fillion as Cormac.

  2. carriev Says:

    I’ve had lots of people say they want a series. That would be cool too. If I get a good offer I’m not going to turn it down. 🙂

    Love your casting ideas. Although I also see Fillion as Carl. I’m thinking back to his Caleb days. Goooood villain. Even though I love Nathan and have this secret scenario of him and me running off together.

    Should I be saying that sort of thing here?

  3. Chris Says:

    Don’t worry. I won’t run directly over to Nathan’s MySpace page and say anything about it. 🙂

  4. Kitty movie or Kitty series would be great, but what would be even more awesome is a Kitty video game! Even though it takes about two years to develop a proper video game, and a good high number of millions for a budget, you wouldn’t have the problem of it being bad because it’s a game based on a movie (which by natural law are just terrible games). ^_^

    (Simen hasn’t woken up yet, a certain book he was reading keept him up until 6 AM).

  5. Ace Says:

    Okay. I forgot about Nathan as Caleb. I was picturing Mal when I thought of him as Cormac. I was thinking Josh Holloway as Carl.

    How about these: Rudolf Martin as Arturo. Jensen Ackles as T.J.

  6. mark Says:

    Maybe instead you could use your influence to bring Buffy back, though I would settle for Stargate 🙂

  7. Kendall Says:

    No! Don’t ever let them ruin it with a movie. (I say this because they so often do this to great books)

  8. Tania Says:

    Funny thing, I came here searching just to see if this series of books was due to be made into a movie or better still a TV show. It’s a real shame its not already contracted for either, I hope someone does something about that soon. I’d also been thinking about actors for characters and what do you think about Johnny Depp as Leo?

    By the way, my youngest is responsible for me finding this marvelous set of characters, I’ve only been reading for the past four days and I’m on book 3 right now, which for me is really saying something. I’m a really slow reader and its my least favorite thing to do.

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