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July 23, 2014

Harry and Marlowe Versus the Haunted Locomotive of the Rockies is now live on Lightspeed!  The entire issue is available for purchase as well.  This is the fifth Harry and Marlowe story.  A sixth is on the way.  The series continues apace!

I have another new story available.  This may take some explaining.  You might have heard of Amazon’s Kindle Worlds program.  Essentially, officially sanctioned and licensed fanfiction.  It turns out, G.I. Joe is one of the franchises involved with this.  Several astute readers brought this to my attention.  Then a couple of months ago, WordFire Press came to me with a proposal that began, “So, we hear you’re a fan of G.I. Joe.”

You can probably guess where this is going.

Behold:  G.I. Joe: Luck Be a Lady.  A story by me.

So that exists now.  It was a lot of fun to do.  My guiding principle:  I wanted it to feel exactly like an episode of the cartoon, with everything that entails, but with commentary.  There are easter eggs.  The unexpected thing I discovered:  The Baroness is an absolute hoot to write.  I had so much fun with her point of view.  Because you see, she isn’t really loyal to Cobra.  She actually doesn’t give much of a rat’s ass about Cobra, or Cobra Commander, or world domination.  She just wants to see everything burn.  She wants to create havoc and destruction.  Cobra lets her do that more than anything else does, so she sticks around.  But I’m talking 100% chaotic evil — in a PG universe.  And that’s crazy.  I just love it.


South Carolina!

July 16, 2014

I’m in South Carolina today!  Teaching at the Shared Worlds writing workshop for teens.  This evening, I’ll be at the Hub City Bookshop in Spartanburg, at 7 pm, reading and signing.  I think I’ll pick a short story to read from, just for fun.

In other news, I finished the revision of the next Kitty novel and turned it in before I left. Woooooo!



late breaking event!

July 2, 2014

Announcement:  On July 16 at 7 pm, I’ll be at the Hub City Bookshop in Spartanburg, SC, hanging out and chatting and signing books and things.  An east coast appearance, woot!  This will be after my stint teaching at the Shared Worlds workshop for teens, so it should be a fun action-packed day.

The July issue of Lightspeed is now available!  Including a new story by me, “Harry and Marlowe Versus the Haunted Locomotive of the Rockies.”  The story goes live on the site on July 22, but you can buy the issue and read it early.  This is the fifth Harry and Marlowe story, and yes I have plans to gather them all in a collection someday, but I have a couple more I want to write first before I tie them together.

I’m in the middle of revising the next Kitty book.  Holy cow, I’ve got a lot of work to do on this one.  Complicated by the fact I have also started writing a whole new novel.  Almost ten thousand words in and building steam.  I am suddenly very busy.  Brain full!  Gah!


I had TWO short stories released this week!

“Salvage,” a direct result of my rage at the movie Sunshine, is now live at Lightspeed.  It’s part of the much-heralded “Women Destroy Science Fiction” issue, which you can buy online and in print, and has lots and lots of bonus material.  Check it out!

Rogues, the latest multi-genre anthology edited by George R.R. Martin and Gardner Dozois, was also released this week.  It includes my story “Roaring Twenties,” about a speakeasy where things aren’t what they seem.  It’s a different kind of story for me and was a lot of fun to write.

I caught the last half of the new SyFy series Dominion, not because I thought it would be good, but because it was on.  The premise of this is post-apocalyptic angels versus humans, with zombie-angel-humans thrown in, or something, but what I thought was really hysterical was this was basically The Stand in reverse — the human characters are all in Las Vegas, and I’m assuming they will eventually go after the chief bad guy, who is holed up in “the mountains above Boulder.”  From some reason this completely cracked me up.  Alas, I will not be finding out what happens next because not even Anthony Head could save this derivative and nonsensical mess.

Denver Comic Con

June 11, 2014

I know I keep harping on this, but I want to make sure people know I’m only at DCC for one day, Sunday.  It occurred to me a couple of days ago that I’m doing two Comic Cons back to back, which is making me feel really good about my decision to only be at Denver CC for one day.  I need the break.

I’d post my schedule, but the one I was given is different from what’s on the website, and I want to double check before I start posting things.  I’m pretty much doing back to back panels from noon to about 4.  I’ll give details when I have them.

I’m falling behind on movies this summer — this always seems to happen.  I start traveling, start missing premier weekends, and the movies start piling up.  I’m not going to worry about it too much.  The only one I have to see is Guardians of the Galaxy.  Everything else is icing.

And now, back to it…

UPDATE:  Here are my panels:

The importance of strong female characters in sci-fi/fantasy SUNDAY 1:30 – 2:20 – Room 107

Creating the Setting for Sci-Fi and Fantasy novels – Sunday 2:45 – 3:35 – Room 107

My brain’s leaking out my ears…as I type this it’s yesterday and I’m packing and freaking out.  I had like ten things I wanted to blog about this week, and they’ve all gone out of my head.

But here!  I’m reposting my Phoenix Comic Con schedule because they’ve added some things.

The Friday signing is 4:30, the Sunday one is 1:30, both at table 2526 — near Mysterious Galaxy, I think they said.  And Noon Saturday at the Tor Booth.  Geez, I hope I can remember all this, I think I have it written down…do I have it written down?  Okay.  It’s fine.  Whew.

Hey!  I remember one of the things I wanted to post about.  I got a new rapier:


Isn’t she pretty?  I haven’t fought with her yet.  But I will, oh yes…


Phoenix Comic Con

May 30, 2014

Next week, I’ll be at Phoenix Comic Con, doing what looks like a great, full (but not too busy) schedule.  Here’s my official schedule (scroll down).  And here:

I’m also signing books at the Tor Publisher booth at noon on Saturday.

I’m really looking forward to the “Not in Sequential Form” panel — my co-panelists are Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck, who are good friends, and we’ve all worked on Wild Cards, so we should have a lot to say.

The following weekend is Denver Comic Con.  I’ll be doing programming there Saturday Sunday only [UPDATE: schedule changed -- sorry for the confusion].  And figuring out how to get an autograph from Stephen Amell.  I don’t usually fangirl like this, but I would love to tell him in person how much Arrow has meant to me and my friends, as a highlight of our weekly TV watching parties.

Tonight, I’m off to see X-Men: Days of Future Past.  As an experiment, my comics geek friend shared all the relevant comics (reprints — originals stayed in the bags), about a dozen issues from the first appearance of the Sentinels through the actual Days of Future Past storyline.  I’m curious to see how this will affect my viewing of the movie.  It’s also strange, because this storyline is so much a part of comics in general and X-Men history in particular, I feel like I’ve absorbed it all by osmosis.  It felt familiar, like I had read it before — maybe I had.  Or maybe I saw bits of it depicted in the early 90′s X-Men cartoon, which I watched sporadically.

This is another thing that makes me think superhero stories really are the mythology of the 20th century — they’re stories that live in our hindbrains, and we’re never sure where we encountered them first.

Reminder for those attending RT Convention:  Secret Mission is go!  Find me (either at the Book Fair on Saturday, or after a panel, or some other time when I’m not otherwise occupied), recite for me some bit of poetry or lines from a play that the Master of London would have known and appreciated when he was alive, and be rewarded.  (While supplies last, I’m afraid!)

In other reading news, I’ve just finished The Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker, and I loved loved loved it.  It’s a turn of the century (last century) immigrant story, with fantasy — in fact, this is exactly the sort of thing I mean when I talk about wanting to expand the definition of urban fantasy as far as possible, because this is great urban fantasy:  modern setting, a familiar (though historical) New York City, with amazingly well-drawn fantastical elements.  This is the kind of book that makes me as a writer insanely jealous, because it’s so well done and I’m just staring at it, thinking, “How?!”  Catnip, people.  Word catnip.

And that immigrant story:  there’s a movie called The Legend of 1900 which is fair to middling (the ending stank), that I saw mostly because Tim Roth is in it, and it’s also an immigrant story.  There’s this absolutely gorgeous, heart-wrenching opening scene taking place on the deck of a passenger steamer:  there’s fog, and all the passengers are looking over the railing, waiting for their first glimpse — and the fog parts and there she is, the Statue of Liberty, and the sense of joy and hope at that view is fierce.  The Golem and the Jinni has a similar scene, just as powerful, and for anyone who had ancestors come over from Europe on one of those ships, with everything they own in the world in a suitcase, (my great-grandfather Linder arrived from Sweden on the Mauretania), it’s like peeking over their shoulder for a little while.  It’s like time travel.

This Wednesday I’ll head out for New Orleans and the RT Booklovers Convention.  This will be my first time at this convention, and I confess I’m a bit daunted!  It’s a much different kind of con than I usually go to, and I’m feeling a bit out of my element.  But I know I have many friends there and it will all turn out well.

My schedule is posted — in addition to these events, I’ll be at the big Book Fair signing on Saturday.  And if you see me out and about, don’t be shy about coming over and saying hello.  Unless I’m heading into the restroom, you might want to hold off then.

Also…I’m working on something.  A surprise.  An Easter Egg, if you will.  I’m waiting on a couple more details, but I should have it ready in time. (I’ll update this when I know for sure, so check back here.)  I’m announcing it here and no where else.  There’s a secret password involved, and a bit of homework.  Instructions:  Find me at RT.  Recite some poetry for me, or a few lines from a play — something the Master of London might have known when he was alive.  Then, I might have something for you… (While supplies last, please!  And I don’t have a big supply…)

A-hem.  Secret mission ahoy!  See you there!

UPDATE:  Secret mission is go!  The details are ready!  See you at RT!  Hmmmm, secret mission….


May 2, 2014

I’ll be at Starfest tomorrow!  Just Saturday, this time around.  I’ve got a couple of panels and a book signing.  Should be a good day.

The table of contents of the June issue of Lightspeed — the “Women Destroy Science Fiction” issue (it’s a long story) — has been released, and I’ve got a story in it:  “Salvage.”

Very longtime readers of this blog will remember one of the first movies I reviewed here was Sunshine, and I was very annoyed by it, because it’s another in a long line of spaceship movies that can’t seem to handle a plot without throwing a monster in the third act.  Alien has a lot to answer for on that score.

At the end of that review, I joked that I was going to write a story wherein a spaceship crew docks with a mysterious derelict — and nothing happens.  “Salvage” is that story.  I can’t wait for folks to read it.

It’s been kind of a lull period around here lately — I’m writing a boatload of new work, some short stories and novellas, a couple of surprises, but it’s going to trickle out into the world slowly.  My story “Roaring Twenties” will be out in the anthology Rogues, another of the big cross-genre anthologies edited by George R.R. Martin and Gardner Dozois.  There’s another Harry and Marlowe story on the way.  Stay tuned.

Oh, and I’m totally not planning to see Amazing Spider-Man 2 because I totally didn’t like the first one, and the trailers for this one fill me with existential dread.  See, I’m learning!  Conditioned response is a thing!


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